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Blue jeans

Blue jeans
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Combined Trendy Looks

Combined Trends
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Skin Tone Colors

Skin Tone Colors

Flattering Skin with Color

We all have colors that make our complexion stand out. Our favorite shirt, skirt, pants or garment in that particular color just makes our skin come to life. Finding colors that compliment our skin tone is the key to having a look that is pulled together.

First  determine what your skin tone is.  Are you  warm or cool?  Medium to dark tones, pale to rosy? Take some time and really look at yourself.  Sit in natural light each season because your complexion changes and what worked in the summer may not work for the winter. Pull a few different color pieces from your closet and see what work wells for you giving you skin that glows.

Warm Skin Tones
Gold Skin Undertones
Warm Colors  (These colors work well with your skin tone)
Yellow, Orange, Red, Gold, Brown, Tan, Plum, Olive

Rosy Skin Undertones

Edgy Cool Colors

Pink, Purple, Green, Blue, Red, White

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Cute Comfort

Cute Comfort

When indeed you come across those days where getting dress is just an option. Laid back days can still be cute, thats when you really want to take advantage of accessories, which can make or break the outfit, don’t over do it, just dream and flow according to your mood. “Live well, Laugh often, & Enjoy Life in Comfort.”

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