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Meet the New Host of VL Talk Show

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We are getting ready for a new season of Verbally Loose talk show! Visit us at We are working our way back into giving you amazing blog posts on lifestyle, beauty, and fashion. Our new season airs January 2014, with three great new host Chanel, Ki, and Andre, check them out here at Stay tuned….

Were Back!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas Eve from Verbally Loose! Stay Positive, Stay Current and Stay Beautiful!

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5 Things You Learned in 2012


It’s a new year approaching and everyone wants to leave 2012 behind, and strive for bigger and better in 2013. Before we move into 2013, lets talk 2012. What were 5 things you learned in 2012?

5 things Verbally Loose collectively learned were:
1. Who my true friends are
2. Stay Positive
3. Work Hard
4. Keep the past in the past
5. Balance and Budget Money


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Listen to us, on Philly Coalition Radio



Go to on 12/14/12 from 9-12 and hear us get loose with The Warden and Big Exclusive.

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Check us out, just added a sneak peak of what’s in store for January on our new web series airing 1/3/13.   STAY TUNED!!!


Everyday is a day of Thanksgiving

My sisters and I have been putting this show together for quite some time now, and we are grateful we can do it together. We love spending holidays together in honor of our father’s passing. Family is very important and it’s a joy to have loved ones. I want you to take a special hug out for me this season on one of your favorite loved ones. Eat lots of treats and be merry. And remember to Stay Positive, Stay Verbal, Stay Loose

Xoxo Tiffany

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