Border Manicure

I like these!

Nail Luxxe

The border manicure has been on my mental list of ‘looks to try’ for the longest time.  The two main reasons why I didn’t go for it were that I couldn’t figure out how to get such thin lines around each nail and that I seemed to prefer the look on round nails.  So instead I did the half border manicure, which turned out to be a pretty good compromise, even in the days when I had squoval nails.  But I was still determined to do a border manicure.

Border Manicure Nails

The base colour looks a little blue to me in the photo but it is in fact Maybelline Cloudy Grey, which looks exactly like dry cement – the colour, that is 🙂 .  After adding a base coat I applied two coats of Cloudy Grey and waited for it to dry.  Then came the tricky part and part I was dreading…

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